About Us

Accelerating your digital experience with path-breaking innovations

At JKM tech Wizard . we believe in your ideas and leverage our extensive knowledge to bring them to life. Our consultative approach is analytics-driven. We harness the power of technology to ring innovative customer-centric solutions for your success.

We are redefining the path of your growth with high-quality craftsmanship by leveraging disruptive technologies.

Why Us

Full-Service Digital

One house for the complete digital solution which lowers cost and enables total ownership of the project with superior quality and timely delivery.

Culture of Innovation

Innovation and excellence is our core for every digital solution. We empower clients to outsmart the industry by challenging the status quo.

Born Digital

Since 2012, we have been offering new-age digital solutions to keep your business digitally advanced and sustainable to the uncertain challenges.


Successful track record of delivering mission-critical, scalable, digital innovation for global enterprises with advanced solutions

Technology Leadership

We create, We Disrupt, We believe in building talents at our very own academy. We are the breeding ground for the new use cases of the technology.


We are a customer-centric business. We develop partnerships to create solid value for our clients through flexible engagement and pricing models.

Agile by Design

We are a small company with huge capabilities. We have retained our agility through our unique company culture and a flat organizational structure.

System Integrator for the Digital Age

We are a confluence of technology and innovations. We integrate our advanced capabilities with new-age marketing techniques to build resilience.

Two Decades At Glance




120+ Passionate Professionals


150 square feet

Presence in

India, UK, USA, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia.

Core Services

Digital Consulting, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Digital Marketing, Analytics, Cloud Infra

Business Distribution

75% Tech, 25% Marketing

Industries Served

Financial Service, Media, Publishing, Entertainment, Retail, Health, IT Services, Professional Services, Education, Others.

Hours Delivered

8,250,000 Hours and counting

Projects Delivered


Relationship Value

$40K -$2m per annum

Project Ticket Size


Proud of

85% of Business comes from existing clients.

Perceived As

Innovation Outsourcing Partner, Strategic Digital Partner

Lean Organization

Only three levels of hierarchy including top management. Empowered team.

Super Team

At least 3x more productive

Current Sales Channel

Inbound –Online, Events, Word of Mouth, References.

We Deliver 125 Web & Mobile Projects per Year

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We Deliver 125 Web & Mobile Projects

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